L’Enigma2: a new mystery to solve

We present the new vintage of the wine which blend and elaboration remains unknown

This new Enigma reveals, at first sight, a brilliant cherry color with purple tones. Its strawberry candy aromas, violets and the Mediterranean dry herbs on the background are hints to what is confirmed once on the palate: freshness, lightness, yummy fruitiness!   The Mediterranean origin is asserted by the acidity, but the texture and the moderate alcohol make me think of cooler regions due to the texture, the moderate alcohol and the wish to keep on discovering more nuances with one more glass. Maybe it is a Mediterranean grape with a bold vinification for the Penedès? It is definitely a spring-summer wine, cheerful, for any moment of the day.”

“The first sip of this L’Enigma2 comes as a discreet friend that we were introduced to on a distant day and that has never left us. Smoothly, calmly, it creeps up our tongue slowly, as if colonizing a sugar cube, until he seizes our mouth. It is a friend that you always want to see because you know it will not let you down.”

“ Cheerful, floral and spicy, the violet color reinforces the impression of youth. It has not sought to extract or mature, but rather to seek the most natural profile of a fresh exposition viticulture that aims to coexist with the forest and Mediterranean herbs. Guessing the variety is intricated. Twelve degrees is not enough for Grenache and Monastrell to be expressed, and Sumoll, where the high acidity would lead, is usually more tannic and rustic. Who knows; perhaps the secrets of the time of the harvest and the handling of the grape come into play. What you definitely get is the influence of a fresh and wild environment.”

“The first edition of L’Enigma, the 2019 vintage, was a wine that recovered an old winemaking tradition, the orange wine (brisat, in Catalan). It was made with Xarel·lo vermell, a scarce, pink variety with a small concentration of color on the skin that gave the wine a characteristic onion skin color. Aromatically, it combined the primary notes of grapefruit or apple, with balsamic notes such as bay leaf and white pepper. In the mouth it was round and silky”.


L’Enigma1, solved

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L’Enigma2: a new mystery to solve

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