Harvest 2021

“The 2021 vintage has been classified as excellent. The grapes have a high concentration of aromatic precursors and have achieved optimum acidity levels, ideal qualities for the production of long ageing wines. The grapes are in optimum health.”

“The harvest began on August 13 with the earliest varieties and ended on September 30. The bulk of the harvest, comprising the main varieties of the Can Llopart estate, took place between August 18 (the start date for Macabeu), August 24 and 25 (Xarel·lo and Monastrell, respectively) and September 14 (Parellada).”

“It has been a year of moderate temperatures until spring, but with peaks of heat during the summer and low rainfall, well below annual averages. In total, only 306 mm of rainfall was collected during the entire wine year, less than half the usual average.”

“At Llopart we regulate the yields by means of winter pruning, thus limiting production and achieving an optimal balance between sugars and acidity. This year, in addition, the drought has caused a 35% drop in production compared to the average of other years.”

“We apply the traditional method of respect pruning, sculpting each vine respecting the natural growth of the plant and reducing the surface area of the cuts. Spring green pruning has been moderate to compensate for the reduced aerial foliar growth of the vines due to lack of rainfall, thus avoiding overexposure of the grapes to the sun and obtaining a homogeneous ripening.”

“In this vintage we have harvested an important part of the vineyards in boxes that allow us to pour the grapes directly into the press. These grapes are pressed whole, maintaining the maximum integrity of the fruit, minimizing maceration and extraction, optimizing the production of must. We use small pneumatic presses, of 30 and 40Hl capacity and extract at low pressure: pressing only up to the 50% of the potential output to obtain the best qualities of each variety.”