Harvest 2023

Harvest data

Star Date: The harvest began on August 14, 2023, with the earliest varieties and vineyards.
End Date: Harvest entry concluded on September 19 with the latest varieties and vineyards.
Early harvest of key Llopart varieties:
· Macabeu: August 17
· Xarel·lo: August 21
· Parellada: September 6
· Monastrell: August 24


Moderate temperatures from fall to spring.
Some episodes of pronounced heat peaks occurred during the summer. The vineyard’s altitude provides optimal thermal contrast for grape ripening.


Scarce rainfall, well below annual averages.
Most abundant in February and May, though much less than expected. Minimal rainfall in January, March, and April.
Total rainfall for the viticultural year was only 263 mm (less than half the usual average of 609 mm).
The three-year precipitation average has been 331 mm.


Excellent health, no presence of fungi. Certain vineyards faced the threat of excessive grape dehydration, mitigated by an early harvest.


Winter pruning follows the traditional Respectful Pruning method, reducing the cutting surface and sculpting each vine to promote natural plant growth and optimal qualitative yield. Spring green pruning has been moderate to counteract the vine’s reduced aerial leaf growth due to lack of rain, avoiding overexposure of grapes to the sun and achieving homogeneous ripening on the vine.


Beyond the usual pruning focused on containing production, this year required discarding a significant portion of grapes to reduce the load, ensuring adequate plant development in the current drought scenario.
The final yield was 35% below the average of the last 10 years.

Harvest 2023

The harvest is classified as VERY GOOD, with a great concentration of aromatic precursors and acidity suitable for wines destined for long aging.