Harvest 2018

“Unlike recent years, this year’s winter and spring have been characterized by rain. The rain and humidity have helped our vines recover from a previous lack of water and the budding, flowering, and ripening of the grapes have been slow and very balanced.”

“At Llopart we started picking in mid-August with the early varieties, and on August 27 we began harvesting the Macabeu.”

“We can now say that we are facing a healthy harvest and that it is providing us with high-quality grapes with a good concentration of sugars and acidity, with an optimum level of ripeness that is ideal for producing long-aged sparkling wines.”

“This year, we anticipate that we will have a moderate increase in the number of grapes for pressing, all coming from our mountain vineyards carefully cultivated using organic farming. Our entire estate will be harvested by hand and with rigorous pre-selection of each cluster.”

“At Llopart, every year, we plan the harvest carefully. The fact that we have all our organic vineyards around the winery allows us to receive the grapes shortly after being picked in the vineyard. This way, the clusters are pressed with maximum freshness.”

“With all these into account, we are confident that the 2018 vintage will be exceptional.”