Viticulturists since 1385

According to a document written in Latin and dated 1385, a Llopart family’s ancestor, Bernardus Leopardi, was granted some vineyards located in the present country estate Can Llopart de Subirats.

Over the following centuries the Llopart family combined the cultivation of traditional agricultural Mediterranean products: grapevine, wheat and olive.
At the end of the XVIII century the Lloparts decided to devote themselves exclusively to wine growing.

Sparkling wine since 1887

The secular dedication to vine cultivation, elaboration and wine growing reaches its turning point, after intense testings, with the production of the first Sparklilng Wine Llopart bottles at the old country house cellar in 1887.

In the early 1950s, Pere Llopart i Vilarós gave his cellars a new drive. He actively contributed in launching the “craft sparkling wine” and consolidated cava Llopart as a high quality product.