Territory and quality

CORPINNAT is a collective European Union brand established with the aim of distinguishing great sparkling wines made in the heart of the our region from 100% organic grapes harvested by hand and entirely vinified on the premises of the winery.

The Brand

The word comprises two concepts: COR, the cradle where, more than 130 years ago, the very first sparkling wines in Spain were made and PINNAT which stems from the etymological root Pinnae which refers to the origin of the word our region, documented in the 10th Century as Penetense. This Latin adjective is derived from pinna, which means crag or rock and which applied to the the name of our region is equivalent to rocky soil.

All sparkling wines that are sold in the market with this seal of excellence contain the brands COPINNAT located in a central position on their front label in order for consumers to identify the product easily.

Birthplace of great sparkling wines

Committed to their origin

The Corpinnat territory is the birthplace of great sparkling wines within the historic winegrowing area of the our region south of Barcelona where at the end of the XIX century winemaking of these great wines was initiated and perfected following the traditional method. The climate, the soil, the landscape and an ample experience in growing vines promote the optimum conditions in this area for production of wines with a unique personality.

100% organic manual harvest

Commitment to sustainability and the environment

From handpicked certified organic grapes of mainly historic of our region varieties, Corpinnat goes a step further with regards to favouring territorial and landscape sustainability with a deep respect for autochthonous varieties.

100% vinified on the premises of the winery

Commitment with the entire winemaking process

CORPINNAT sparkling wines are made from grapes entirely vinified on the premises of the winery which adds value to the craft of the winemaker and guarantees the style and quality of the wines from the origin.

Long ageing

Commitment to quality

Climate, soil and traditional Corpinnat territory grape varieties confer these sparkling wines an ageing capacity in the bottle which will always be longer than 18 months. Likewise, making a sparkling wine aged for more than 30 and another for more than 60 months is proof of the commitment of Corpinnat wineries with long ageing.

Added value chain from the vineyard to the cellar

Commitment with the winegrower

The commitment of CORPINNAT wineries with sustainable viticulture and landscape conservation, together with honouring the role of the viticulturist implies the use of grapes from own harvests or long associations with viticulturists with a minimum guaranteed price.

Much stricter regulations of use

Undertaking with innovation, thoroughness and self-commitment

CORPINNAT wineries apply thorough principles of guarantee throughout the whole chain value of their products and certify compliance of strict requirements established by the regulations of the use of the brand by means of annual external audits.

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