Xarel·lo 100% free run juice.


The Llopart family are winegrowers since 1385 and sparkling wine makers since 1887.
This product was born form their tradition to offer fresh pressed must every harvest to the children of the family and to the minors who visited the winery.
Pere Llopart, a family member and winemaker from Llopart, had the idea of taking a portion of the must from de Xarel.la grape variety, bottling and pasteurizing it manually, thus avoiding alcoholic fermentation.
The result was excellent: a natural, pure, organic vegan must without any alcohol or additives.
It´s sweet taste makes it highly appreciated by children and lovers of natural juices or people with special diets.
The MOST FLOR LLOPART is the essence of the grapes from the Mediterranean mountain vineyards of the Can LLopart de Subirats Estate, Alt Penedès, Barcelona and is offered in bottles of 50 cl. of capacity.
The LLopart family believed that it was a product that, by its natures, should have a solidarity purpose and with the sale of this must began a collaboration with the FUNDACIÓ AMICS JOAN PETIT NENS AMB CÀNCER, a foundation that aims to the care of children with cancer and their relatives, the disclosure of this problem and the investigation of the disease at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona.

We hope you like it and enjoy it.

Thank you so much.

Llopart family